Summer Bash 2019 – Quick Recap

Summer Bash 2019 is now in the rear view mirror. Here’s a quick recap of what happened:

Chris Cannon won a 10 wrestler Battlefront Royale.

The Immortal Phantom defeated Victor El Dragon, Jr. in an American Luchador match.

Elijah 6ix and the debuting Heck Dynamite went to a time limit draw.

Justin Credible and Scotty Anarchy announced the formation of a new promotion under the Battlefront Pro Wresting umbrella: Battlefront Pro Xtreme. Xtreme makes its debut on November 9, 2019 at the Ludlow Elks!

Masha Slamovich made PJ Gonzales tap out.

The Normals (Jekel and Damien Darko) defeated Southern Discomfort

El Jabroni retained the American Luchador title, defeating Alec “The Prize” Price

In what could only be described as a tough night for The Filthy Family, Ryan Fraust became the Battlefront Hardcore Champion during a tag team match in which The Governors (Lenn Oddity and HVO) captured the tag titles.

Magnificent Marco and Ray Jaz defeated Tough Guy, Inc. (Brutal Bob Evans and Tough Tim Hughes)

During a match between “Savage” Eric Pierce and YOOSAF13, The Great Alofa saw enough and came out and after delivering a patented Samoan stinkface, put Pierce away with a big splash.

Dan DeMan and 5 Star Jase went to a double disqualification after both men manhandled referee Miggy Strypes.

The Main Event saw Jiggie Sosa become the two time Battlefront Champion when he defeated Ty Shyne in the 3 Stages of Extreme challenge. The first fall went to Shyne in a Lumberjack match. Sosa took the second fall in a Falls Count Anywhere bout. The third and deciding fall was contested with both wrestlers bound together by a bullrope. Sosa touched all four top turnbuckles in succession to win the championship. Ty was then given a massive beatdown by The Governors. Sosa and the Battlefront Originals came into the ring to save Shyne.

Battlefront Pro Wrestling makes its debut in the Green Mountain state of Vermont on Saturday September 21st. Stay tuned for ticket information!

BPW returns to the Ludlow Elks Lodge for Thirst for Blood II on Saturday night October 26th.

Battlefront Pro Xtreme makes its first appearance at the Ludlow Elks Lodge on Saturday November 9th. Stay tuned here to and our Facebook pages for all the late breaking details!